Our products are manufactured exclusively from natural, tested ingredients, with no artificial additives, preservatives or enhancers. We have been cooperating with the same supplier for years. Our snacks retain all nutrients of original ingredients.

Our products can be added to desserts, soups, or eaten as a delicious, healthy snack.

Owing to our special technology, our most popular products are choux pastry corn puffs, sticks and plaits - gluten-free, dietary products.
Derek’s products are designed to delicious and affordable for our customers.

You will find the following products in our offer:

Corn plaits,

Corn sticks,

Choux pastry corn puffs,

Super-spongy corn puffs,

Healthy puffs,

Rice puffs,

Luxury dry waffles,

Fruit-flavoured corn puffs ring-shaped,